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Designed to launch the beginner or scale the expert into next level profits
and impact in the $40,000,000,000 wedding and evening gowns industry

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What Our Students Say:

“I began as a common seamstress and now I own a fashion studio! I learned almost all the courses. Tatiana changed my life, and she keeps changing it. Now I can say with confidence: I can make literally any dress!”

Tati Demodko, Ukraine

“My proudest feeling about my achievements is how I got better so quickly with the tricks and techniques I had no idea of how I was going to learn them with just a little dedication to the right source”

Kem Fadez, Nigeria

“I'm so proud of the progress I've made in sewing historically accurate replicas or movie screen representations thanks to Corset Academy!”

R. "Peach" Pichakron, USA