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Cupped Wedding Dress with Bodice and Open Back

Patterns Included


  • Designing and constructing quilted cups.
  • Detailed analysis of the open-back dress styles.
  • Recommendations and rules of choosing a right type of open-back garment.
  • Choosing the right base: corset, bodice or bodysuit. 
  • Choosing the right depth of the cut on the back.
  • Creating a garment with a bodice (corset) base.
  • Choosing the right shape of the straps.
  • For making this dress were used thin lace material and elastic transparent net.
  • Connecting bodice and the dress into one whole garment.

Skills you gain:

  • Modeling of the separately cut cup.
  • Modeling of the open backs.
  • Modeling of the straps with complex forms.
  • How to design and construct quilted cups.
  • How to alter  the pattern with separately cut cups for different body types.
  • How to sew in the separately cut cups using inner seam.
  • The techniques of attaching of the thing lace materials to the corset based dress.

Where to use:

  • This sewing method is widely used in different combinations and gives you a wide range of opportunities for creating cocktail, evening, prom and wedding gowns.


Class Curriculum

  • 1


    • Tutorial 1. Getting Acquainted with the Model

    • Tutorial 2. Pattern Calculation

    • Tutorial 3. Altering the Standard Pattern

    • Tutorial 4. Shaping the Top Part of the Front

    • Tutorial 5. Shaping the Back of the Dress

    • Tutorial 6. Shaping the Cups

    • Tutorial 7. Cutting the Dress

    • Tutorial 8. Cutting a Mesh Backing. Joining the Backing with the Main Fabric

    • Tutorial 9. Cutting a Lace Overlay for the Back of the Dress

    • Tutorial 10. Joining the Lace with the Base. Sewing In the Zipper

    • Tutorial 11. Joining the Lining and the Face of the Back

    • Tutorial 12. Reinforcing the Low Neckline. Finishing the Raw Edges with the Lining

    • Tutorial 13. Pressing the Back and Finishing the Edges of the Lace

    • Tutorial 14. Closing the Vertical Princess Seams of the Front

    • Tutorial 15. Marking the Location of Bones. Cutting a Lace Overlay for the Front

    • Tutorial 16. Sewing Bones onto the Front. Joining the Face with the Lining

    • Tutorial 17. Assembling the Cups

    • Tutorial 18. Sewing Bones onto the Cups

    • Tutorial 19. Pressing, Steaming, and Sewing the Cups into the Dress

    • Tutorial 20. Sewing the Cups into the Dress

    • Tutorial 21. Finishing the Cups. Sewing the Lace Inset

    • Tutorial 22. Applying the Final Touches to the Dress

    • Types of Open-Back Dresses

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    • Sewing Patterns Download