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Halter-Neck Wedding Dress with Removable Sleeves

Software and Patterns Included


  • Sewing technique of the dress WITHOUT side seams.
  • Removable wide chiffon sleeves.
  • Rules of complex styling and shaping.
  • In this course we not only will alter the pattern but also will create an unique pattern for a complex dress for a particular client’s size.
  • Minimum usage of Rigilene boning.

Skills you gain:

  • Advanced pattern drafting.
  • Calculation and alteration of the pattern for a particular client’s size.
  • Advanced usage of boning in the dress.
  • Inserting soft foam cup into the dress.
  • Duplicating white fabrics of the front part, preventing the fusible material appearing through.
  • Attaching complex parts with curvy edges.

Where to use:

  • Sewing wedding and evening dresses.


Class Curriculum

  • 1

    Working with the Pattern

    • Foreword

    • Tutorial 1. Getting Started

    • Tutorial 2. Calculating Adjustments to the Standard Pattern

    • Tutorial 3. Customizing the Size of the Pattern

    • Tutorial 4. Styling and Shaping the Pattern

    • Tutorial 5. Building a Paper Pattern without Side Seams

    • Tutorial 6. Testing the New Pattern on a Mock-Up

  • 2

    Cutting and Duplicating the Materials

    • Tutorial 7. Review of Materials Used

    • Tutorial 8. Cutting the Dress

    • Tutorial 9. Duplicating Parts of the Dress. Cutting the Chiffon and the Lace

    • Tutorial 10. Marking the Placement of Bones. Cutting the Lacing Panels

  • 3

    Sewing the Dress

    • Tutorial 11. Assembling the Lacing Panels. Installing Grommets

    • Tutorial 12. Sewing the Princess Seams on the Lining

    • Tutorial 13. Sewing and Pressing All Princess Seams on the Lining

    • Tutorial 14. Sewing Bones onto the Lining

    • Tutorial 15. Sewing Ready Foam Cups into the Dress

    • Tutorial 16. Joining the Face Layers along the Front Princess Seams

    • Tutorial 17. Sewing the Front Princess Seams. Installing the Zipper

    • Tutorial 18. Pinning Together the Back Princess Seams

    • Tutorial 19. Sewing the Back Princess Seams. Pressing the Face of the Dress

    • Tutorial 20. Cutting and Sewing Chiffon Halter-Neck Straps

    • Tutorial 21. Joining the Face and the Lining along the Neckline

    • Tutorial 22. Finishing the Zipper with the Lining

    • Tutorial 23. Joining the Face and the Lining (Final Steps)

    • Tutorial 24. Finishing the Slit and the Hem of the Dress with the Lining

    • Tutorial 25. Finishing the Bottom of the Slit and the Hem of the Dress

  • 4

    Decorating the Dress. Sewing the Sleeves

    • Tutorial 26. Decorating the Dress with Beaded Trimmings

    • Tutorial 27. Cutting and Sewing Removable Chiffon Sleeves

    • Tutorial 28. Joining the Sleeves with the Necklace

  • 5


    • Sewing Patterns Download

  • 6


    • Halter Neck Dress Pattern Calculations