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Bodysuit with a Corset Cup

Patterns Included


  • One of the most popular sewing technologies for a bodysuits as standalone garment or as the basis for the dress.

Skills you gain:

  • Working with knitted materials;
  • Constructing hard corset cup;
  • Joining the cups with the bodysuit.

Where to use:

  • It’s a fashion trend – wedding and evening gowns on bodysuit basis;
  • The variety of styles is great, but they all made by technology taught in this course.


Class Curriculum

  • 1

    New Chapter

    • Tutorial 1. Introductory Tutorial

    • Tutorial 2. Cutting a Bodysuit

    • Tutorial 3. Fusing the Cups. Marking the Location of Bones

    • Tutorial 4. Sewing Together the Cup Pieces

    • Tutorial 5. Quilting the Cups with Bones

    • Tutorial 6. Finishing the Lining of the Cups. Joining it with the Body Front

    • Tutorial 7. Sewing the Back of the Bodysuit. Concealed zipper

    • Tutorial 8. Covering the Cups with the Lace Front

    • Tutorial 9. Finishing the Bodysuit

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    • Sewing Pattern Download