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Corset with Drapery

Sewing Pattern Included


  • Simplified method of quilting cutoff cups;
  • Back divided to 4 parts, for a better fitting for a complex body type;
  • Using hard synthetic corset net.

Skills you gain:

  • Constructing light and strong bases for embossed drapery;
  • Easy method to put on the drapery and secure it on the corset;
  • Clean way to close folds with lacing bar.

Where to use:

  • Widely used technology for creating wedding (and evening) dresses Haute Couture.


Class Curriculum

  • 1


    • Tutorial 1. Getting Acquainted with the Model. Cutting a Mock-up

    • Tutorial 2. Sewing the Mock-up and Modelling its Bottom. Altering the Pattern

    • Tutorial 3. Calculating the Pattern after Individual Measurements

    • Tutorial 4. Cutting the Corset

    • Tutorial 5. Cutting the Cup Pieces. Marking the Location of Bones

    • Tutorial 6. Joining the Hard Mesh with the Chiffon Lining

    • Tutorial 7. Sewing Front and Back Princess Seams

    • Tutorial 8. Preparing the Bones and Sewing Them on

    • Tutorial 9. Finishing the Lacing Bars. Sewing the Side Seams

    • Tutorial 10. Joining the Cup Pieces and Quilting Them with Bones

    • Tutorial 11. Final Steps of Quilting the Cups with Bones

    • Tutorial 12. Pressing the Cups and Covering Them with Padding Polyester

    • Tutorial 13. Finishing the Top Edge of the Corset

    • Tutorial 14. Joining the Body with the Cups. Inserting Stiff Bones

    • Tutorial 15. Finishing the Bottom of the Corset

    • Tutorial 16. Marking the Drapery

    • Tutorial 17. Making Preparations for Draping the Corset

    • Tutorial 18. Draping the Corset (Continued)

    • Tutorial 19. Securing the Drapery. Finishing the Lacing Bars

    • Tutorial 20. Inserting Grommets. Sewing a Modesty Flap for the Lacing Area

  • 2


    • Sewing Pattern Dowload