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Corset with Front Busk (for a Teenager)

Sewing Patterns Included


  • Front busk corset;
  • A corset for a teenager body proportions;
  • Tiered skirt with ruffles.

Skills you gain:

  • How to sew a teens corset with a steel busk;
  • How to customize a standard corset pattern to make it suitable for a teenage girl;
  • How to make a perfect skirt with many ruffles;
  • Original corset decorations.

Where to use:

  • An exclusive fancy dress for your teenage child;
  • Perfect solution for proms, celebrations, costume parties and other special events.


Class Curriculum

  • 1

    The Corset

    • Tutorial 1. Taking Measurements. Making Calculations and Adjustments

    • Tutorial 2. Transferring the Pattern on Fabric

    • Tutorial 3. Marking the Position of the Busk

    • Tutorial 4. Adding the First Vertical Bones. Assembling the Front of the Lining

    • Tutorial 5. Sewing Bones on the Cups

    • Tutorial 6. Pressing the Cups. Adding Intermediate Bones

    • Tutorial 7. Finishing the Slits

    • Tutorial 8. Adjusting the Size of the Corset. Sewing On the Rest of the Bones

    • Tutorial 9. Joining the Face Pieces. Pressing the Garment

    • Tutorial 10. Joining the Face with the Lining

    • Tutorial 11. Installing Steel Busk Plates in the Corset

    • Tutorial 12. Sewing Boning Tunnels

    • Tutorial 13. Installing Plastic or Steel Spiral Bones

    • Tutorial 14. Finishing the Bottom Edge of the Corset

    • Tutorial 15. Installing Grommets. Sewing a Modesty Flap for the Lacing

  • 2

    The Skirt

    • Tutorial 1. Making Calculations

    • Tutorial 2. Cutting the First Part of the Skirt

    • Tutorial 3. Assembling the First Tier

    • Tutorial 4. Cutting the Second Tier. Joining the Two Tiers of the Skirt

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  • 3


    • Sewing Pattern Download