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Corset with Integral Halter-Neck Straps

Sewing Pattern Included


  • Corset constructed in “Throw-over technique”;
  • Cut cup with straps around the neck;

Skills you gain:

  • Using non-elastic lace;
  • Cutting, sewing and treating convex round cups with integral straps around the neck;
  • Encasing the bones with the fabric for making the tunnels;
  • Making a deep V-neckline and treating it with bones;
  • New sewing pattern of a round cup with integral straps.

Where to use the Throw-over technique:

  • If you need to cover the corset with a single set of lace, but tracery is rare, there are only a few ways to reach the front. Instead of adding motifs with the applications, you can use Throw-over technique and place embroidery motives onto needed places;
  • Covering corset with non-elastic lace or with non-elastic fabric with embroidery;
  • Hiding vertical bones of the curves doing one-layer corset (transparent corset);
  • Covering corset with the small leftovers from a previous garment;
  • Using thin lace with small tracery;
  • Widely used technology for creating wedding (and evening) dresses Haute Couture.


Class Curriculum

  • 1


    • Tutorial 1. Getting Acquainted with the Model and the Throw-Over Sewing Technique

    • Tutorial 2. Cutting a Corset Mock-up

    • Tutorial 3. Sewing the Mock-up

    • Tutorial 4. Taking Pattern Measurements off the Mock-up

    • Tutorial 5. Re-calculating the Pattern after Individual Measurements

    • Tutorial 6. Gluing Together Two Layers of Organza

    • Tutorial 7. Tracing the Patterns with Alterations Accounted for

    • Tutorial 8. Cutting the Corset out of Organza and Lace Fabric

    • Tutorial 9. Cutting the Cups with Integral Straps

    • Tutorial 10. Duplicating the Cups. Marking the Bones

    • Tutorial 11. Cutting the Lacing Bars and Fabric Straps for Encasing the Bones

    • Tutorial 12. Joining Organza and Lace Pieces

    • Tutorial 13. Sewing the Corset in the Throw-Over Technique

    • Tutorial 14. Finishing the Top Edge of the Corset. Joining Corset Pieces in the Middle

    • Tutorial 15. Assembling the Lining of the Cups and Quilting It with Bones

    • Tutorial 16. Pressing the Cups Quilted with Bones

    • Tutorial 17. Assembling the Face of the Cups

    • Tutorial 18. Finishing the Lining of the Cups

    • Tutorial 19. Joining the Face and the Lining of the Cups

    • Tutorial 20. Pressing the Cups and Preparing Them for Getting Sewn into the Corset

    • Tutorial 21. Pinning the Cups into the Corset

    • Tutorial 22. Joining the Cups and the Body by Machine-Stitching

    • Tutorial 23. Stitching the Edges of the Cups with Specialty Presser-Foot

    • Tutorial 24. Inserting Stiff Bones into the Corset

    • Tutorial 25. Finishing the Bottom of the Corset

    • Tutorial 26. Finishing the Lacing Area with Narrow Bars

    • Tutorial 27. Adding a Modesty Flap, Grommets and Cross-Back Straps

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    • Sewing Pattern Download