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Crop Top Wedding Gown with Ruffle Skirt

Remote sewing techniques included

In this course we will learn how to sew a trendy wedding gown design – Crop Top or Two Pieces gown, and the new advanced (yet super-easy) decoration technique.

And we will learn how to make a perfect fitting dress to a client from a long distance, relying solely on the measurements.


  • Creating a custom lace for your specific pattern.
  • How to draw openwork lace and how to create your own tracery.
  • How to adjust a zipper for any size, nice and clean.
  • Easy way to create light and beautiful ruffle skirt, which doesn’t require any additional reinforcing.
  • How to sew on the ruffles and to assemble the skirt using home sewing machine.
  • The skirt contains 750 ruffles of 8 sizes and 2 edge types. All sewing patterns are included.
  • Making and attaching a bodice belt for a skirt.
  • Strong lacing on hanging loops.
  • Advanced decoration techniques.
  • Peculiarities of long distance sewing.
  • How to make a “virtual” fit test.
  • How to use a mannequin for fit test.

Where to use:

  • This technology is absolutely universal and has no limits in choosing and creating any style of wedding and evening dresses!


Class Curriculum

  • 1


    • Foreword

    • Tutorial 1. Getting Acquainted with the Top Pattern

    • Tutorial 2. Getting Acquainted with the Lace Pattern

    • Tutorial 3. Adjusting the Standard Pattern after Client’s Measurements

    • Tutorial 4. Pyrography Tool and Equipment

    • Tutorial 5. Preparing Fabric for the Back Piece

    • Tutorial 6. Doing Pyrography on the First Layer of the Back Piece

    • Tutorial 7. Joining the First Layer with the Second Layer

    • Tutorial 8. Doing Pyrography on the Second Layer of the Back Piece

    • Tutorial 9. Adding the Third Layer to the Back Piece

    • Tutorial 10. Finishing the Back Half of the Top

    • Tutorial 11. Cutting the First Layer of Fabric for the Front Piece

    • Tutorial 12. Working on the Second Layer of the Front Piece

    • Tutorial 13. Making the Third Layer of the Front Piece

    • Tutorial 14. Securing Detached Elements at the Front of the Top

    • Tutorial 15. Decorating the Top

    • Tutorial 16. Cutting the Left Sleeve

    • Tutorial 17. Cutting the Right Sleeve

    • Tutorial 18. Sewing the Darts. Shortening Zippers

    • Tutorial 19. Installing the Zippers. Sewing the Side Seams

    • Tutorial 20. Attaching the Sleeves. Adding a Decorative Necklace

    • Tutorial 21. Working with the Skirt Pattern

    • Tutorial 22. Cutting the Skirt

    • Tutorial 23. Analyzing the Ruffles Layout

    • Tutorial 24. Preparing the Skirt Pieces. Putting Ruffles on Them

    • Tutorial 25. Cutting Smooth-Edge Ruffles for Vertical Rows

    • Tutorial 26. Putting the First Ruffles on the Side Piece

    • Tutorial 27. Analyzing the Ruffles Layout. Examining the Results

    • Tutorial 28. Putting Ruffles on the Central Back Piece

    • Tutorial 29. Cutting Ruffles with Wavy Edges

    • Tutorial 30. Putting Horizontal Ruffles on the Skirt. Part 1

    • Tutorial 31. Putting Horizontal Ruffles on the Skirt. Part 2

    • Tutorial 32. Putting Horizontal Ruffles on the Skirt. Part 3

    • Tutorial 33. Putting Horizontal Ruffles on the Skirt. Part 4

    • Tutorial 34. Analyzing Garment Balance

    • Tutorial 35. Joining the Back of the Skirt with the Side Pieces

    • Tutorial 36. Finishing the Bottom of the Skirt

    • Tutorial 37. Making a Waistband Pattern

    • Tutorial 38. Sewing a Lining for the Waistband

    • Tutorial 39. Putting Vertical Bones on the Face of the Waistband

    • Tutorial 40. Making Ribbon Loops for the Lacing

    • Tutorial 41. Joining the Waistband with the Skirt

    • Tutorial 42. Conclusion

  • 2


    • Sewing Patterns Download