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Cupped Dress

Software and Patterns Included


  • One of the most popular technologies of constructing soft, flowing dresses with quilted cups.

Skills you gain:

  • Cutting and sewing quilted cups and connecting it to a soft dress;
  • Altering standard pattern to any size using a unique formula for calculating the side seam (Tatiana Kozorovitsky’s formula);
  • Constructing hard lacing on floating loops;
  • Decorating the garment with lace, beads and sequins.

Where to use:

  • Sewing youth dresses for every occasion: from light sundress to evening or wedding dress;
  • Instead of lace you can use chiffon, organza, net, natural or artificial silk;
  • Prefect for dresses for pregnant women.


Class Curriculum

  • 1


    • Tutorial 1. Pattern Calculation

    • Tutorial 2. Tatiana Kozorovitsky’s Formula.

    • Tutorial 3. Cutting the Cups

    • Tutorial 4. Dress Cutting: Main Fabric and Lace

    • Tutorial 5. Marking the Location of Cup Bones

    • Tutorial 6. Joining the Lining of the Cups

    • Tutorial 7. Sewing-on Inner Cup Bones

    • Tutorial 8. Sewing Together the Face of the Cups

    • Tutorial 9. Joining the Cups and the Dress

    • Tutorial 10. Pressing the Top of the Cups

    • Tutorial 11. Preparing the Dress for a Fit Test

    • Tutorial 12. Joining the Lace Pieces. Sewing a Zipper onto the Back

    • Tutorial 13. Hanging Loops for the Lacing

    • Tutorial 14. Joining the Side Seams

    • Tutorial 15. Decoration

  • 2


    • Sewing Patterns Download

  • 3


    • Automatic Pattern Pattern Alteration Software