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Draped Wedding Dress on a Soft Base

Sewing Patterns and the Software Included

The course features the following:

  • Peculiarities of dress cutting.
  • Important features of soft cup making.
  • Unusual cutting and sewing.
  • New approach to pattern alteration and usage of automatic tables, developed specifically for such model.
  • No use of the Rigilene boning in a corset.
  • No duplication of dress pieces.
  • Complex “plaid” drapery.
  • Draping and folding of a skirt.
  • Rules for hidden bar tacks on drapery.
  • Calculation, cutting and hemming of a crinoline –petticoat.
  • Joining and finishing some dress pieces on a dress-form.
  • Luneville (tambour) embroidery of the decorative elements with pearls, sequins and beads. 


The course includes the following attachments:

  • Pattern Alterations Calculation Software for the dress and skirt cutting ;
  • Dress patterns (PDF file);
  • Embroidery patterns (PDF file).

The purpose of this course is to teach you the sewing techniques of this dress. All the techniques can be combined, that gives the opportunity to sew various evening, cocktail, prom and wedding dresses.

The course is useful both to beginners in corset-making as well as to experienced fashion designers.  It can be used for dressmaking atelier personnel as a professional development course.


Class Curriculum

  • 1

    The Dress

    • Foreword

    • Tutorial 1. Preliminary pattern alteration

    • Tutorial 2. Mock-up of altered pattern

    • Tutorial 3. Pattern finalization for cutting

    • Tutorial 4. Cup cutting from your handmade material

    • Tutorial 5. Lining cutting

    • Tutorial 6. Stitching the cups, tunnels for boning

    • Tutorial 7. Preparation of the lining pieces

    • Tutorial 8. Steaming of cups and lining

    • Tutorial 9. Joining the cup with the lining

    • Tutorial 10. Strengthening with a waist stay

    • Tutorial 11. Attaching bones to the lacing area

    • Tutorial 12. The bone tunnels marking and sewing on

    • Tutorial 13. Bone insertion

    • Tutorial 14. Cord for air loops

    • Tutorial 15. Making the lacing on air loops

    • Tutorial 16. Final operations with the lining

    • Tutorial 17. Cutting, sewing and steaming of the dress face

    • Tutorial 18. Joining the lining and the face on the back

    • Tutorial 19. Joining the lining with the face on the cups

    • Tutorial 20. Dress steaming before draping

    • Tutorial 21. Making the embroidery pattern for the neckline

    • Tutorial 22. Drapery on the upper left cup

    • Tutorial 23. Draping on the upper right cup

    • Tutorial 24. Draping the left side of the dress

    • Tutorial 25. Draping the right side of the dress

    • Tutorial 26. Braid drapery in the center of the dress

    • Tutorial 27. Fabric consumption for the drapery

    • Tutorial 28. Hand stitches to secure the drapery

    • Tutorial 29. Securing folds on the cup

    • Tutorial 30. Securing folds on the dress

    • Tutorial 31. Preparation to the drapery sewing along the edges

    • Tutorial 32. Sewing the drapery

  • 2

    The Skirt

    • Tutorial 33. Calculation of petticoat gores and lining gores

    • Tutorial 34. Calculation of ruffles and tunnels for petticoat hoops

    • Tutorial 35. Gore cutting for lining and petticoat

    • Tutorial 36. Sewing the lining and petticoat. Attaching the hoop tunnels

    • Tutorial 37. Ruffles for the petticoat

    • Tutorial 38. Sewing the petticoat and its lining to the dress

    • Tutorial 39. Cutting pattern for the draped skirt

    • Tutorial 40. Making the skirt drapery

    • Tutorial 41. Sewing the drapery to the skirt

    • Tutorial 42. Finishing the bottom of the skirt

    • Tutorial 43. Securing the vertical fold on the skirt

  • 3

    The Embroidery Decoration

    • Tutorial 44. Materials and tools for embroidery

    • Tutorial 45. Fabric framing for embroidery

    • Tutorial 46. Pattern tracing

    • Tutorial 47. Threading sequins. Sequin embroidery technique

    • Tutorial 48. Embroidery of decorative element on the skirt back

    • Tutorial 49. Continuation of embroidery with pearl beads

    • Tutorial 50. Embroidery with various accessories, rhinestone application

    • Tutorial 51. Creation of front decorative element

    • Tutorial 52. Creation of decorative element for neckline

    • Tutorial 53. Completion. Sewing the decorative elements on

  • 4


    • Sewing Patterns

  • 5


    • The Dress Pattern Calculation

    • The Skirt Pattern Alteration

    • The Skirt Pattern Alteration - Fixed Parameters