Elegant Jacket with Built-in Corset

Software and Patterns Included

In this course you will learn how to perform the original delicate elements of the jacket's decor. And you can use this technique to decorate any elements of clothes: jackets, blouses, tops, skirts and even trousers.

I would like also to note that I chose this fashion of the jacket exclusively for an example. Personally, I thought it was elegant and simple to perform, and you can choose your favorite jacket fashion.

I will teach you how to adapt a pattern for embedding a corset into a jacket.

And here are some more useful pieces of advice:

  • If you have a high waistline, an elongated jacket with a low waistline will look the best in this case;
  • If you are plump by nature and have big bust, the stylists advise such ladies to wear tight jackets with a rather deep neckline, but not burdened with additional details, not to create a massive image;
  • If your bust, on the contrary, is small, light jackets with large elements or patterns in the bust area will suit you, to give the visual volume where it lacks.

It is not necessary to choose only one color for the model chosen by me in this course. Depending on the purpose of this garment, you can use different color combinations.


Class Curriculum

  • 1


    • Foreword

    • Tutorial 1. Overview of materials

    • Tutorial 2. Getting Acquainted with the Patterns

    • Tutorial 3. Adjusting the Pattern to a Specific Size

    • Tutorial 4. Working on the Corset Pattern

    • Tutorial 5. Cutting the Corset

    • Tutorial 6. Cutting the Jacket. Method of finishing the Edges of the Pieces

    • Tutorial 7. Making the Strap for the Corset Lacing

    • Tutorial 8. Joining the Princess Seams of the Corset

    • Tutorial 9. Finishing the Corset Lacing

    • Tutorial 10. Covering the Corset with Lace

    • Tutorial 11. Covering the Corset Cup with the Cover and the Lace

    • Tutorial 12. Inserting the Cup into the Corset. Basting the Cup

    • Tutorial 13. Sewing the Cup into the Corset. Inserting the Strengthening Bones

    • Tutorial 14. Finishing the Lower Edge of the Corset

    • Tutorial 15. Sewing the Vertical Princess Seams of the Jacket

    • Tutorial 16. Steam-Pressing the Princess Seams

    • Tutorial 17. Finishing the Jacket Forepart

    • Tutorial 18. Joining the Shoulder and the Side Seams of the Jacket

    • Tutorial 19. Making the Back of the Corset

    • Tutorial 20. Sewing the Corset into the Jacket

    • Tutorial 21. Preparing the Jacket Sleeves for Sewing into the Jacket

    • Tutorial 22. Inserting the Sleeves. The Finished Garment

  • 2


    • Sewing Patterns Download