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Flounces Full Wedding Skirt

Pattern Calculation Software Included

What makes this skirt so special?   

  • Brides love wedding dresses with impressive full skirts.
  • This style is very popular for photo-shoots.
  • The entire process, from cutting to decoration, is described and illustrated in details.

Skills you gain:

  • how to calculate the petticoat of desired volume;
  • how to construct gores for the skirt with the train;
  • where to start your work on the skirt;
  • how to cut the ruffles of the skirt;
  • how to give the ruffles the desired shape;
  • how to sew on the ruffles;
  • how to calculate the materials and the fabric.


Class Curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Tutorial 1. Where to start

    • Tutorial 2. The parameters for the petticoat calculation

    • Tutorial 3. Calculation of gores

    • Tutorial 4. Calculation of hoops and ruffles for the petticoat

    • Tutorial 5. The parameters for the skirt calculation

    • Tutorial 6. Calculating the gores for the main skirt construction

    • Tutorial 7. Data calculation for the mock-up

    • Tutorial 8. The mock-up cutting

    • Tutorial 9. Fitting the skirt base mock-up on the dress-form

    • Tutorial 10. Marking the front ruffles

    • Tutorial 11. The mock-ups of the front ruffles

    • Tutorial 12. The front ruffle cutting and shaping.

    • Tutorial 13. Attaching the first ruffle to the mock-up

    • Tutorial 14. Important conclusions after creating the front part of the mock-up

    • Tutorial 15. The train ruffles

    • Tutorial 16. Shaping the back ruffles

    • Tutorial 17. Finished mock-up

    • Tutorial 18. Consumption of materials

  • 2


    • Skirt pattern calculation using the bottom length

    • Skirt pattern calculation using the bottom length (the fixed parameters)