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Premium Dress

The patterns and the software included

“Premium Dress” is a detailed masterclass on sewing techniques employed in the making of this fantastic dress inspired by a famous Lebanese fashion designer – Krikor Jabotian.

Peculiar features of this corset dress:

  • The pattern was purposely designed to keep the front and the back of the skirt whole instead of splitting them up by vertical princess seams.
  • An additional princess seam on the front half of the lining ensures maximum tight fit in the waist.
  • The neckline edge is treated in a new special technique.
  • The dress features concealed side seams.
  • The dress is made from three layers: lining, background fabric, and sequin overlay fabric.
  • There is a blind zipper and concealed inner lacing.
  • Ruffles are sewn on the see-through skirt in accordance with a complicated layout scheme.
  • There is a 3D decorative ruffle piece on the shoulder of the dress.
  • The bodice is draped.
  • The dress is complemented with a decorative buckle and matching hair clips in the form of plastic suede flowers.

This course will teach you:

  • How to customize the size of a corset dress pattern for your client.
  • How to cut sequin fabric with minimum princess seams and achieve a tight fit in the waist.
  • In what order to join the pieces to achieve the best results.
  • How to sew curved princess seams neatly on “complicated” fabric (sequin fabric).
  • How to treat necklines (a new technique).
  • How to sew a lining worthy of a premium class garment.
  • How to sew concealed lacing panels into the dress.
  • How to sew a skirt from delicate mesh fabric and decorate it with a generous amount of ruffles in two different colors.
  • How to cut ruffles from thin fabric.
  • How to reinforce see-through mesh fabric for sewing ruffles on it.
  • How to create additional accessories to complement the dress (a belt brooch and matching hair clips).
  • How to make and color flowers from plastic suede.
  • How to make your own flower and petal moulds for working with plastic suede.

You will find enclosed:

  • Ready pattern of a bell-shaped slightly flared dress with a train sewn into the central back seam.
  • Ready pattern of the top see-through skirt with a layout scheme for sewing on ruffles.
  • Flower templates for plastic suede accessories.
  • Swirl template for cutting decorative shoulder ruffles.
  • Corset pattern, pattern adjustment calculations table, and ruffle layout scheme.

The purpose of this course is to help you master all technical know-how required for sewing the most sophisticated designer dresses!

The course will be helpful not only to beginners but also to those experienced in sewing. It is also suitable as a means of professional improvement for staff of sewing ateliers.

I would also like to emphasize that the dress from this course is merely a foundation for your own masterpieces. Let your creative spirit run free!

Masterclass curriculum

  • 1

    Preparing for the Cutting Process

    • Introduction

    • Tutorial 1. Calculating Pattern Alterations

    • Tutorial 2. Applying Adjustments to the Front Pieces

    • Tutorial 3. Applying Adjustments to the Back Pieces

    • Tutorial 4. Cutting Duplication Pieces from Iron-On Fabric

    • Tutorial 5. Preparing for the Cutting Process

  • 2

    Sewing the Lining of the Dress

    • Tutorial 6. Duplicating the Lining. Marking the Bones

    • Tutorial 7. Assembling the Front of the Lining

    • Tutorial 8. Sewing Bones on the Cups

    • Tutorial 9. Sewing Bones along the Front Princess Seams

    • Tutorial 10. Sewing Lace onto the Front Half of the Lining

    • Tutorial 11. Assembling the Lacing Panels

    • Tutorial 12. Assembling the Back Half of the Lining. Preparing for a Fitting

    • Tutorial 13. Sewing the Side Seams of the Lining

  • 3

    Assembling the Face and Joining It with the Lining

    • Tutorial 14. Assembling and Pressing the Face Pieces

    • Tutorial 15. Assembling and Pressing the Face Pieces (Continued)

    • Tutorial 16. Installing the Zipper. Sewing the Side Seams of the Face

    • Tutorial 17. Joining the Face with the Lining

    • Tutorial 18. Finishing the Neckline of the Dress

    • Tutorial 19. Finishing the Hemline

  • 4

    Draping the Bodice of the Dress

    • Tutorial 20. Draping the Bodice

    • Tutorial 21. Finishing the Drapery. Finishing the Shoulder Strap

  • 5

    Preparing to Start. Working with the Skirt Pattern

    • Tutorial 22. Analyzing the Skirt Pattern and Ruffles Layout. Cutting the Skirt

    • Tutorial 23. Joining the Hard Mesh Pieces

    • Tutorial 24. Sewing the Skirt

    • Tutorial 25. Transferring the Ruffles Layout onto the Skirt

    • Tutorial 26. Cutting Fabric Straps for the Ruffles

    • Tutorial 27. Gathering the Fabric Straps into Ruffles

    • Tutorial 28. Analyzing the Ruffles Layout. Rules of Sewing On Ruffles

    • Tutorial 29. Analyzing the Ruffles Layout. Color Alternation Rules

    • Tutorial 30. Reinforcing the Hem of the Skirt

  • 6

    Sewing Ruffles onto the Skirt

    • Tutorial 31. Sewing Ruffles on the Blue Fragment

    • Tutorial 32. Sewing Ruffles on the Red Fragment

    • Tutorial 33. Sewing Ruffles on the Black Fragment

    • Tutorial 34. Sewing Ruffles on the Green Fragment

    • Tutorial 35. Summing Up the Results of the Work Done

    • Tutorial 36. Analyzing the Ruffles Layout. The Sides of the Front Half of the Skirt

    • Tutorial 37. Analyzing the Ruffles Layout. The Sides of the Back Half of the Skirt

    • Tutorial 38. Analyzing the Ruffles Layout. The Center of the Back Half of the Skirt

    • Tutorial 39. Finishing the Hem of the Skirt

    • Tutorial 40. Summing Up the Results. Related Materials Consumption

  • 7

    The Decorative Shoulder Piece

    • Tutorial 41. Cutting the Shoulder Ruffles

    • Tutorial 42. Assembling the Decorative Shoulder Piece

    • Tutorial 43. Securing the Decorative Shoulder Ruffle in Place

  • 8

    Creating Accessories for the Dress

    • Tutorial 44. Making Flower Petal Moulds

    • Tutorial 45. Making the Hair Clip

    • Tutorial 46. Coloring the Petals

    • Tutorial 47. Shaping the Petals

    • Tutorial 48. Assembling Plastic Suede Flowers

    • Tutorial 49. Assembling the Flowers into a Hair Clip

    • Tutorial 50. Making the Brooch Buckle

    • Tutorial 51. Shaping the Petals and Leaves

    • Tutorial 52. Assembling the Brooch Buckle

    • Tutorial 53. Pictures of the Finished Garment

  • 9


    • Sewing Patterns for Download

  • 10


    • Pattern Alterations Calculation Software for "Premium Dress"