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Steampunk Leather Corset

Under-bust corset with a front busk


  • Featuring the professional sewing techniques of high quality real leather corsets.
  • Detailed review of different leather types and their qualities.
  • The differences in working with leather from working with fabrics.
  • Working with metal accessories in corset making.
  • Working with special equipment for leather.
  • Specialties of fitting the leather garment.

Skills you gain:

  • Sewing the corset from the real leather material.
  • Cutting the leather.
  • Working with metal flat boning, spiral boning and metal busk.
  • Decorating the leather garment.
  • Duplicating the leather with iron-on batiste.
  • Calculation and alteration of the pattern for leather under-bust corset.

Where to use:

  • Sewing corsets and other garments from real leather.
  • Making steampunk, gothic and other styles corsets.


Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Foreword

    • Tutorial 1. Types of Leather. Choosing the Right Leather and Calculating its Consumption

    • Tutorial 2. Additional Tools and Materials

    • Tutorial 3. Calculating Leather Consumption and Preparing the Patterns

    • Tutorial 4. Duplicating Leather with Iron-On Batiste

    • Tutorial 5. Cutting All Parts of the Corset

    • Tutorial 6. Additional Tools for Sewing with Leather

    • Tutorial 7. Assembling the Face of the Corset. Opening the Seam Allowances of the Corset

    • Tutorial 8. Cutting the Busk. Marking Sewing Lines for the Busk

    • Tutorial 9. Assembling the Bars for Concealed Busk Fastener

    • Tutorial 10. Stitching Around the Busk. Adding a Ceinture to the Lining

    • Tutorial 11. Joining the Face of the Corset with the Lining. Basting Topstitching Guidelines

    • Tutorial 12. Topstitching the Seams. Sewing Tunnels and Lacing Bars

    • Tutorial 13. Cutting Appliqué Motifs

    • Tutorial 14. Sewing Decorative Boning Tunnels

    • Tutorial 15. Applying Appliqué Motifs and Decorative Plackets

    • Tutorial 16. Sewing the Appliqué Motifs on the Lay-On Elements

    • Tutorial 17. Finishing the Top Edge with Bias Tape

    • Tutorial 18. Marking the Placement of Garment Accessories

    • Tutorial 19. Installing Grommets and Rivets. Stitching and Trimming the Bias Tapes

    • Tutorial 20. Cutting Flat Steels and Spirals. Inserting Bones in the Corset

    • Tutorial 21. Sewing the Lay-On Elements on the Corset. Marking and Installing Rivets

    • Tutorial 22. Finishing the Bottom Edge of the Corset

    • Tutorial 23. Preparing a Modesty Panel

    • Tutorial 24. Sewing the Modesty Panel in Place. Lacing the Corset

    • Tutorial 25. Gluing the Lay-On Elements on the Corset

    • Tutorial 26. Stitching a Border for the Latches

  • 2


    • Sewing Patterns